Letter to the Editor:

A friend of mine said, “the speed of the group is the speed of the leader.” 

The Nez Perce County leadership has an interesting process for building a new courthouse.  I recently took an extensive tour of the courthouse... something really needs to be done! 

Everyone should go look for themselves. While I understand a group of county officials have reviewed this issue and have a possible plan in place, I believe the plan could use some public input. 

What’s more interesting is how the project would be financed. Do you recall the County sued the URA to close a district because a project was completed?  The County wanted to get their money back.  Approximately, $200,000 combined of our money was spent suing ourselves!  The jail was paid off over a year ago.  I understand at least $600,000 per year had been going to pay for the jail and that money is now being considered as part of an annual payment for a new courthouse. 

I will not say that this is a bad idea, but I wonder why the same logic applied in the URA case, wouldn’t apply with the jail.  Why not give the money back to the taxpayers and then provide options to pay for a new courthouse? 

Now the County leadership is pressuring the City to spend millions of dollars on a new police station so the County can have the space for a new Courthouse.  Can there be a better way? How about we get our City and County leaders to work TOGETHER on a comprehensive plan that works for all of us.

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